AB7 Santé has been involved in the pet industry for 30 years and has developed several ranges of pesticides, especially thanks to its innovative active polymer technologies, that meet the various types of care recommended by specialists and chosen by the pet owners: collars, spot-on, lotions, sprays, powders.



Repellent Products

Pest control products based on natural active ingredients.

Used in a preventive way, these products will repel ticks, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, etc... away from your pet.

Dogs  and  Cats:

The Zoostar brand products are formulated with a base of margosa.

Products with the brand Pilou are formulated with a base of geraniol.





Pesticide Products

Dogs  and Cats:

AB7 Santé develops and manufactures insecticide products under Market Authorizations for the European and American markets. As a recognized specialist in antiparasitic collars, AB7 Santé has extended its know-how to the formulation of spot-on and other pesticide products.


AB7 Santé also offers antiparasitic solutions for livestock (cattle) as well as active ingredient distribution devices. The main product manufactured by AB7 Santé is an antiparasitic ear tag for bovines intended for their protection in intensive farming.